Oct 20

Barred Rock, or Reds ?


Which have the better temperment around children ? I'm starting my flock in the spring, and would like to start with a mix of the two but hearing conflicting stories on which is best around kids. Whatcha think ?

I think you’d be fine going either way. Barred Rock, Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons and Australorps are great breeds to start your flock with and if it’s only hens you’re talking about, they’ll be great around kids. If roosters are involved, it’s always different from flock to flock if roosters are going to be over-protective of their flock and attack children that pose a threat. Good luck!

Thanks! Unfortunately my city only allows 5 hens. But, it was a struggle for them to pass that ordinance so no complaints here. Thanks again for all that you guys do, it is so refreshing to have such wholesome content out in the world ❤

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  • We enjoy raising these chicks so much. Watching these guys grow from our egg to table ready is a great accomplishment. Actually putting them in the freezer for me isn't hard, but the loved ones are having issues with the thoughts of eating there pets as they call them now.... Me BBQ chicken 😋... Them....Roy, Sweet pea.....and so forth. How do I work around this? Ernest.
  • My grandson Micah 2 and a half years old, loves watching you guys. He is totally fascinated with chickens and their eggsHe watches all of your YouTube videos and crows all the time, his way of course. We feed up together everyday. Our little chicken farm is growing quite rapidly with our feed cost growing as well. Do you have any ways that you guys control your feed cost? I am an X IT guy myself and love doing things like this and always have. I have been raising a few quail also. I am trying to figure out the best way to manage our chicks and quail.
  • I just started watching your channel and really enjoy it. I would love to have a farm one day. Anyway in one of your videos y'all were making chili I think. Meat corn and tomatoes. It looked really good and I was wondering if you'd share the recipe?
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