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one question nobody asks Joel Salatin | 2018 Homesteaders of America Conference


It's the 2nd annual Homesteaders of America Conference in Front Royal, Virginia and we couldn't be more excited about it! And this year was a little different. Last year we went to enjoy the event, meet some homesteaders and YouTubers and see what it was all about. This year we were present as staff members of the conference - filming the event as the official videographers for the conference.

This is the video for our channel, but we are also producing four videos for the Homesteaders of America YouTube channel.

In this video, we brought back the rapid questions, but expanded upon it, and made it a mix of homesteading, personal and funny questions for YouTubers to answer. We also got the honor of interviewing the speakers for the event, which included MIGardener, Off Grid with Doug & Stacy, Justin & Rebekah Rhodes, Eustace Conway and Joel Salatin.

We worked really hard but had a ton of fun... and we hope we'll see you at next year's event!

Check out our recap video for Homesteaders of America HERE

Here's a list of all of the YouTube channels that were featured in the video:

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