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60 laying hens gave us 4 eggs. WHAT GIVES?


After a recent blizzard, our chickens have really slowed down their egg production for the year. Do we give up and let them rest for the winter? Or do we attack the problem to keep the eggs coming for ourselves and a few egg customers?

Our viewers suggested a number of things, from putting lights on a timer to upping the feed/protein the chickens are taking in to adding an automatic chicken door to get them out sooner in the morning. But as many of our hens are going through a molt, a rest is in order... but our goal is to get the birds a few more hours of light, so we are atleast getting enough eggs for us to eat them everyday.

We also had some visitors on this episode... The Grateful Sunites came in from five hours away in southern Missouri. We promised them about a month ago to hatch out some Muscovy ducklings. So our two remaining ducklings have a new home to go to. We really enjoyed our time with them, but the plan was always to give them away.

Be sure to follow The Grateful Sunites and keep with our ducklings HERE. And watch us on their channel HERE.

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