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Training our rooster NOT to crow

January 23, 2019



Roosters. They fight with each other and they crow. A lot. 


In this episode, we deal with both of those issues. Snowball, our white Silkie rooster has been crowing immensely. We'll hear him all throughout the night crowing. We ended up getting a rooster no-crow collar to test out and see if it would curb the crowing a bit. After monitoring his activity for two days, we couldn't see him crow and barely heard him from the Bantam flock. 


Our once-proud head rooster, Tin Man, has been replaced in the main coop by Copper, our French Black Copper Marans. Copper has beaten up Tin Man enough to where he'll hide in the corner of the coop. I found him hiding and moved him to the bantam tractor. From there, Snowball, started cutting him up, so I had to move him in with the pheasants to recover.


The crow collar worked well, if you're interested in it, check it out HERE


And this episode was sponsored by our feed store, Valley Feed, check them out on Facebook!

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