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At our visit to Living Traditions Homestead, they gave us some rabbit meat and their rabbit recipe book. So today, Becky prepares the rabbit for dinner. What will we think of it?

We get bee bait box number five of six into place... but it doesn't go as smoothly as the others have been. This one comes to a crash when Jake falls from the stepladder.  It's time to get the tur...

A few times every summer, we campout. But we don't go to some campsite to spend money and hang out with strangers. We just go out in the yard! Set up the tent, gather some firewood, cookout on the fire...

The handmade traveling treasure box made it to White House on the Hill! This box is traveling the country, to over 20 homestead YouTube channels with handmade items from each place and being passed on for...

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