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November 20, 2018

What would it be like to have a duckling by our side for an entire day? That was our question as we went into the day. Taking the two ducklings out of the brooder to spend some time with them and give the...

November 11, 2018

Our duckling that hatched on his own (albeit really late) has had balance issues, now weakness... will he survive?

November 8, 2018

After our ducklings hatched out... one of them had balance issues. The duckling that hatched on his own was walking well, and we heard about a video from A Chick Called Albert where he healed his duckling...

November 4, 2018

Late afternoon... time to go out and do chores, check on the waterers, no biggie. Then I walk into the chicken run and see a dead duckling on the ground. Oh boy.

At one point, we had 11 Pekin ducks. 6 females and 5 males that we either had to sell off or butcher. They were wild, they were crazy, they were messy, and they didn't like us. We were left with one ma...

How do you title a video that contains a little bit of everything? We had 4 baby ducklings hatch (out of 7 eggs - 4 alive, 1 hatched and died, 1 didn't develop, and 1 egg disappeared) and these muscovi...

Our duck got into our turkey area and the fight was on! We weren't excited about this, but it sure was weird to watch. Just awkward. Today, we got a package!

We only hatched out ducklings form our incubator in the past, but this time we let a broody mama do the job... the cool part... she's a chicken! So we're watching how she takes care of her baby duc...

Our Pekin ducks have long been a problem for us... while we love and care for all of our animals. The Pekins have been the least friendly. That's partially our fault for not handling them more early on...

We had a fun surprise out in the coop today! We have 3 different broody hens sitting on small batches of eggs and one of the batches are starting to hatch!

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