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Ibry Alef Bet
Dec 26, 2020
I checked out your YouTube channel. I think you're already doing good on your own. I am not successful in the way that The White House on the Hill and you are. But, I can help you to know that if you want to know how to be more successful, besides keeping up what you're already doing, I can add to that with my background in starting two public, educational, and government access TV channels (PEG) where I live, that if anyone like you wants to grow your work to communicating with others in those ways, then you need to contact your local cable companies and see if or if not they are already providing citizens in your County and City area with the FCC mandated and required channels for free use for non commercial purposes. If so, hopefully your area has access TV (If you're in Austin, TX I'm glad to say by just checking that you do appear to have access TV there. I think from what the website said, the virus may be limiting some onsite production, but it looks like the facility is still operating.). It is supposed to be free, but if anyone tells you otherwise or such, then I'd say to check into it make sure it is public access. PEG is provided by right of way laws because of how cable TV wires go over peoples homes, and so anyone in a community like that (Not only the cable subscribers.) have to have access to free channel use. Ideally, a free use studio with cameras and for free loans to film shows, editing, audio and visual, free classes for training, live show with call ins also, and sometimes there's even free use of some kind of van to use to do on site big events like fairs and such. Yes, it is kind of the best kept secret in these ways for over the last 40 years and more of its existence. But, since it is free, most cable companies and local governments don't want their citizens to know about it. A community group is hopefully formed with the governments help (They don't run the group though.) and with their help by using some or all of the Franchise Fee amount (The 5% tax on all cable bills that was added long ago that is supposed to help pay for access TV.). Sometimes though, communities have to fund the channels themselves. There are some governments and cable companies that fight communities and do not allow access TV. If so, that is against the law and a civil attorney or such can be hired who can usually force them to honor the agreement. Unfortunately, where I live access wasn't honored in those ways, and I often had to fight to get it on TV and to keep it on, and I had the help of another Producer like myself. The White House could also probably if they wanted to, be on TV in this way in Missouri. TV in this way far out succeeds social media exposure. If they or you have any questions, I would suggest talking to Access Ft. Fort Wayne (In Indiana who helped teach me in the past. 260-421-1250.). And, if you want or have any questions now or later, please call me at 812-479-6434 and ask for David (Ibry is my Facebook name.). I know that all this may sound like a sales suggestion. No, please know that I was supposed to be the manager of my town's studio if they had obeyed the law. It lasted in the way that it was for almost 20 years (About a year and a half ago.). It helped me later get a job at Universal Studios FL, and later at the Zoo (Two of them.) that I just worked at until recently until the virus laid us off. I've been in over 300 TV shows in that way and starred in, produced, edited, or such in those or others by other producers or myself. To see my friend Matt Hawes and I doing TV in that way, one can check out That was a Fall Festival from our town in 2003 and audio and video is better these days. But, it still gives a good example of access TV's potential. In the case of advertising and selling on access TV, what one can do since that isn't allowed, is to still provide their website or such, where from there others can see and purchase from you in those ways. As for me, my local cable companies and government did access so wrong and misused it so wrong by in the past putting commercials and such on it, that I finally just did some secret things to get stop access TV here because it is better that we don't have it if they're not going to do it right. But, when it lasted, it was much fun. I once even got our local zoo (twice) to come out to be filmed by me. Once, it was at my parents house where we then had our own family cooking show called The Kitchen Magician, and on that episode I cooked pumpkin pie. So, Pumpkin the goat from the zoo had to stop the kitchen to make sure I didn't use any unsafe goat substitutes. One can often it they know how to use the press to their advantage (Yes, my friend and I did this.), to get interviewed in the news paper and on local news and radio and such. Also, if you contact Austin public access, ask about free access low wattage AM radio to which is like the radio version of public access TV.
Ibry Alef Bet
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