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First it was ducklings, now our chickens are raising TURKEYS!


After bringing home baby chicks and turkeys from Heartland Hatchery chick days... we test out our broody hens to see if they'll raise the chicks as if they were their own. The result? One broody hen succeeded, and two failed. The successful hen (our blue red-laced Wyandotte who has hatched chicken out before, took the mothering role to 7 chicks, including our 3 baby turkeys. The other 10-12 chicks had to go to the brooder, because the broody hens didn't accept the chicks and take care of them.

Planting, lots and lots of planting. Becky plants in the new raised bed garden and several surrounding spots in the yar. Jake works on the bee bait boxes that may never get completed... it's just one issue after another, but when they're done, we're excited to catch some wild bees!

And we moved the pool over from the ducks in the yard for the boys to play with... always a fun time on a hot Spring day!

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