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the next thing hatching on our farm


We're having a baby! Officially announcing baby #3 on the way and the first baby to be born at the White House on the Hill! Coming in April...

We processed our 12 broad breasted white turkeys (sold 1 to a viewer) and they are now in the freezer waiting to be sold to our local friends and family.

We also got our flock ready for winter by processing 2 of our Blue Slate tom turkeys - we don't really have a purpose for them with a Blue Slate hen. We also processed 4 drake ducks that we don't need. Sometimes we sell our unneeded chickens, ducks and turkeys, but nobody was interested in these, so we'll have the extra meat in our freezers.

Also announced a giveaway (that is now closed) to celebrate the baby announcement and recently hitting 40,000 subscribers on YouTube. We're giving away some hand-painted t-shirts and a handmade pizza cutter from JJL Forge.

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