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You have that PROBLEM in the country, too?


The project of the day: building a sign for the driveway. Now that our boys are starting to use their bikes more often, they're going out in the driveway which has frequent traffic from farm vehicles and trucks. So to slow them down, Becky and the boys paint a sign to let them know when our boys are in the road.

Becky does some more planting and weeding in the mega-garden. The mega-garden is our big garden at Becky's parent's house. It's our overflow garden where we can try a lot of seeds and plant things that need bigger space (corn, squash, pumpkins, etc). We fix our tarp with some tarp grabbers (suggested by a viewer). And to close out the evening, we take a trip to our local summer baseball team - the St Joseph Mustangs. A fun night capped off by some Sonic cream slushes.

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