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Backyard camping is a little different here


A few times every summer, we campout. But we don't go to some campsite to spend money and hang out with strangers. We just go out in the yard! Set up the tent, gather some firewood, cookout on the fire, and crash in the little tent with the boys.

Today, we tracked down some logs and cut them up for our fire.

Becky checks on different garden areas and works with a watermelon in our vertical area to keep it growing and not fall down. She also puts up some tomato cages in the mega-garden.

Jake hangs bee bait box number 4 of 6 at Becky's parents house to get in place to catch some bees.

And then it's campout time. Get the fire going, cook some hotdogs and marshmallows, and spend some family time outside.

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