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Impressive MINI GARDEN is snack approved


Our goal this year with the garden was to grow more than last year... be creative and grow vertically and in small spaces. We have two raised bed gardens producing the bulk of our garden snacks - green beans, peppers, broccoli, tomatoes... a lot of tomatoes, watermelons, squash, peanuts, and a few others that are just starting to come up. We love just walking to the garden beds to harvest some food for dinner and grab a fresh snack!

The hardest part is trying collect food with our boys around... very few of the veggies make it from the plant to the basket! Oh well, atleast they're eating something healthy and they're happy about it.

Our rabbits have names! The boys named them Pickles (buck) and Peanut (doe). And we do a few changeups to the rabbit tractor while the boys play with their pets.

We got some raw milk on our trip to our local Amish town, Jamesport, MO. We love raw milk, the benefits of it and the ability to get fresh cream. So Becky separates the cream from the milk for our morning coffee at breakfast.

A few days till our meetup at the Missouri State Fair, keep up to date on the details of the event here.

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