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We bought Peacock hatching eggs… this is what happened.



A gorgeous bird. Not the typical homestead bird. And a pricey bird, at that.

This story starts out with a random search through Craigslist that brought me past a post about peacock hatching eggs. And for only $8! If you've ever looked at hatcheries for peachicks or adult peacocks and peahens - they're pricey. Starting at $50/peachick up to $200+ for a grown peacock. A little out of our budget. So this minimal investment caught our eye, and it was worth a shot!

Unfortunately, it did not go to plan. Was it our fault? Was it their fault (the breeders)? Did something happen in the incubator? Jake opened up the eggs to see what happened. And while it was disappointing, the egg discovery was somewhat promising to try it again.

But could we get more eggs? We called the breeders back and were lucky enough to get their last batch of eggs for the season! So here we go again...

4 eggs under a broody hen, 3 eggs in an incubator. Middle of September, we'll see the results!

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