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50 questions answered by the CRAzY chicken family


To celebrate 20,000 subscribers on the channel (and over 25,000 at the time of the video) we asked for questions to make a Q&A video for our viewers to get to know us better. Here are the 50 questions we answered...

What got you interested in becoming homesteaders?

What got you started on raising animals?

What's your ultimate goal on the homestead?

Is this your family’s farm or did you buy the land?

What is your timeline to own your own property?

What are your short term/long term goals to getting a piece of land of your own?

How many hours per week do each of you spend at your jobs?

What do the boys want to be when they grow up?

What state do you live in?

How long have to lived on the farm?

How long have you wanted to have a homestead

How much did it cost to get your homestead started?

What other types of animals do you raise?

How self-sufficient is your homestead with food for yourself?

Do you plan to homeschool your kids?

How many acres do you have and how much is wooded?

Is farming/poultry your full time job?

What do you do for living other than YouTube?

How did you get into keeping animals?

Why did you choose chickens?

If you could only have one chicken breed to lay eggs, what breed would it be?

What kind of ducks do you have? How many chickens do you have in all?

What are the expenses to keep your chickens, ducks & turkeys fed?

How many different birds have you successfully housed together? What do you do when your birds become ill?

What do you think about raising chickens and turkeys with waterfowl?

What is the hardest thing you've discovered about raising poultry?

Are your cats fixed?

What are the basic steps to start a bird farm/colony like you have?

What do you do with a rooster that is extremely aggressive?

What do you do with all the chicken poo?

Do you try to hide butchering meat chickens from your boys?

What do you do with all the eggs you collect?

What’s your marketing strategy for selling your eggs?

Do you have any expensive breeds of poultry?

What advice would you give someone that wants to raise chickens?

Is it a good idea to let your chickens into your house?

Are you getting meat rabbits?

What are you going to do with the Lionhead rabbits over winter?

What animals do you plan to get in the future?

What are the best five animals to start with on a homestead?

Have you considered getting a dog in the future?

Do you have a green house or do you have plans to get one in the future?

What is your favorite thing to grow in your garden and why?

What is the oldest animal on your farm?

Are you a family that says, “I love you,” to each other?

What is your favorite season?

How did you two meet?

How did you grow your channel when you were just starting on YouTube?

What is the most important tip you have picked up from another YouTuber?

All that you guys do, is it worth it? Does it fulfill everything that you ever wanted?

Thank you for watching and joining in on the conversation! If you have any questions for us, be sure to ask us in our YouTube comments or on our Facebook or Instagram page.

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