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What it’s like raising baby peacocks


We were so excited that two of our peachick eggs hatched... now five weeks later, we're stuck with them (not really, but you know). So what's the experience been like?

First thing we needed to do was to upgrade their space. As they're getting bigger, we moved them to the bigger part of the chicken run. They're really active, love to jump, and man, they are fast.

Now, we're just waiting to find out if we've got a boy and a girl, two boys or two girls. The first indicator (that we've been told) is that the males will get a blue coloring around the neck area before the girls do.

As far as food and water, we've been feeding them a game bird feed that is 22% protein and similar to the meat bird feed we give the Cornish Cross. Since there's only 2 of them along with the mother hen that's raising them, we only have to refill the feeder and waterers every couple days. So maintenance is minimal.

And since it's getting close to winter, we need to winterize the chicken tractors. We swap out the tarps for clear, plastic tarps to allow more sunlight in and keep them warmer in the colder weather.

Becky takes you through the morning chores and talks about her pregnancy... now that she's 15 weeks along... and how that is beginning to affect the things she does around the house and with the animals.

Check out our Instagram! Some blue just showed up on the peachicks today!

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