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I surprised my wife with 5,000 mealworms…


A little over a week ago, we built our first mealworm farm. Only to see it fail with slow-moving and dead mealworms. So we got serious... we bought a bunch of mealworms online.

We order 5,000 mealworms and 1,000 darkling beetles on eBay from a mealworm farm in Oregon and they arrived! Along with unboxing all of the bugs, I thought I'd surprise Becky with it all and see what she thought.

These mealworms will be used to produce beetles, which will, in turn, produce more mealworms that we can feed our chickens to offset some of our chicken feed costs.

It's Christmas shopping season and we wanted to feature some of our favorite homemade products from our friends and viewers! Check out these awesome products:

99½ Homesteading Poems from Kenny Coogan

Grassfed beef from FarmFoods (use code: WHITEHOUSE10 for 10% off)

Honey from The Grassfed Homestead

Hot pads & handle covers from HopeMade Designs

Merch from White House on the Hill (that's us!)

Seeds from MIgardener (get 10% off with our link)

Soap from The Grateful Sunites

Soaps, lip scrub & chapstick from Souliano's BathBody Indulgence Teas from FarmHouse Teas (also known as St. Fiacre's Farm) (use code: WHOTH17 for 10% off)

The Alphabet Book of Verses from Kimmie Jacobs (my Aunt!)

Merry Christmas!

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