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Raising mealworms… is it worth it? (and do they taste good?)


We've raised mealworms for the past 30 days. What's the experience like?

We bought 5,000 mealworms and 1,000 beetles from eBay, 30 days later, we have a bunch of beetles, and we're waiting on getting some mealworms to start feeding our chickens some protein outside the chicken feed we give them.

We cover the stages that the mealworms go through... from the mealworm larva, to the pupa, to the Darkling beetle stage, ultimately producing more mealworms.

After sorting all of the mealworms, pupae and beetles, we take some mealworms outside to feed the chickens. The chickens loved it! But us - the boys talked me into tasting one - and they were pretty sour!

Get the mealworm sifting trays we use:

Buy mealworms for the eBay seller we used:

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