Our chicks deserved better

Our chicks were doing so well! Almost too well... we've always lost a few chicks when they were in the brooder, but this time was going so well, I think we got complacent.

We put them in a part of the chicken run that was unprotected from the rain - and just our luck, so much rain came overnight that the chicken run flooded and we lost 20 chicks. 5 chicks were looking good and 10 were in limbo. They looked really bad, had their eyes closed, but they were moving just enough that I thought I might be able to save them.

I took the 2 broody hens and the 15 save-able chickens inside and started drying them with a blow-dryer, putting them in front of a portable heater. We were so lucky that 15 chicks survived when it appeared only 5 might survive at first.

We've made mistakes before but this one cost us a bunch of meat for the freezer this winter. Now we just have to be sure to get the remaining Cornish Cross to survive till their processing date.

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