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Top 10 Homesteading Tools | Top 10 Tuesdays


We took a trip to the hardware store to show & discuss this week's Top 10 Tuesday list, the Top 10 Tools for Homesteaders. We took your nominations and picked the list...


10 | Scythe/Mower:

9 | Axe/Pickaxe/Log Ox:

8 | Tiller/Broadfork:

6 | Power Drill:

5 | Twine/Bungee Cords/Carabiner:

4 | Canning Supplies:

3 | Electric Fence & Solar Charger:

This was the list we came up with and links to the products we recommend. The Amazon links are affiliate links that help support our homestead efforts. This top 10 list marks the end of season 1 of the Top 10 Tuesday videos. We'll see you in December 2018 for the nomination video for the Top 10 Homestead Videos of 2018!

Top 10 Tuesday Playlist:

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