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Hi, I'm an emu. What's your name?


We have a name for our emu... after polling the viewers, her name is Bamboo!

We've enjoyed our time with Bamboo in the house, but she hasn't gotten to meet any of our other farm animals. So we bring in M&M our barn cat, an Ayam Cemani chicken, Pickles our buck Lionhead rabbit, and Blue our peacock.

It was a little stressful - keeping Bamboo from pecking everyone, but I think everyone enjoyed the time inside during this cold winter day.

We interviewed Anna Chivington - the Grand Prize winner of our 100,000 subscriber giveaway. She's got some amazing soap you've got to check out! One of them even looks like a tasty cupcake! Here's her Etsy store.

Fun fact about this episode... we actually filmed all day trying to make a little town for Bamboo to walk around. Moving cars and trains, buildings with her picture on them. But it all fell apart during the filming of the town and we had to start over with this video the next day. 😀

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