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he died in my arms


Tin Man has been the third main rooster to lead our flock. He's been recovering nicely in the pheasant coop for the past few days.

I moved some Lavender Orpington hens in with him to keep him company and to produce some pure Lavender Orpington chicks to hatch out. For that project, I had to install a nesting box into the coop.

Before wrapping up the project for the day, I picked Tin Man up to see how he was doing. He was heavily winded - possibly tired or stressed from the situation. Right before I put him down, he whipped back from me and seemed to snap his neck. He passed away only minutes after doing that.

It was a frustrating and upsetting situation. Burying our great rooster after I thought he was headed towards recovery. I feel awful. Tin Man - you will be missed, my friend.

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