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My life as a Homemaker


What's life like as a homemaker? Is it boring? Is it monotonous? Do you like it?

Becky was tagged and inspired by ArrowRidge's video (20 Questions for a Homemaker) to talk about her role as a homemaker, a homeschool mom, and a stay-at-home mother. In this video, we go through a day in the life of Becky and see life through her eyes. She also talks about some of the best and worst parts of her role.

What do you do each day?

Are you lazy?

How do you afford to stay home from work?

What time to you get up?

How do you get things done with young children?

When do you have time to work on the garden?

Is homeschooling easy?

No makeup, and PJ's... is it like that everyday?

Does your husband help with the housework, with the kids?

What did you do before staying at home?

How do you make extra money from home?

Chores, what do you like and dislike, is it monotonous?

Do you enjoy being a homemaker?

These questions and others are discussed in this video. We hope you enjoy it and are inspired to be a part of your kid's lives in raising them.

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