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Our coop is 180° from average


2 tasks on today's docket... clean the coop and merge the new tom turkey in with the main flock.

Some people may see deep bedding as a lazy form of keeping a chicken coop - we see it as essential for keeping our coop warm over winter with low energy costs for not having to run additional heat in the coop. But after a REALLY long winter, it's time to clean it out and put in some fresh pine shavings. This was a daunting task, but the reward was some playtime in the fresh shavings for the boys.

The tom turkey still has no name, we like the suggestions we've been getting, just can't decide on one we all like just quite yet. But we did separate him for a couple days to monitor his health and well-being and he's made a wonderful transition in with our flock.

Lastly, we had some guests stop by. We're pretty new to the whole HOSTING thing. Or even to the idea that anyone would want to drive across the country to come hang out with US! But Ethan and Sarah from the YouTube channel 180° From Average did just that. They were on an epic road trip from Minnesota to North Carolina for the Great American Farm Tour premier, and on their way home, they stopped by our place to shoot video together, spend some time getting to know each other's families, and share a dinner. We had a lot of fun, and even shot a quick interview with them in the process.

Be sure to check out 180° From Average HERE.

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