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Look what HATCHED


We had a fun surprise out in the coop today! We have 3 different broody hens sitting on small batches of eggs and one of the batches are starting to hatch! We're not big fans of cross-breeding, typically we like to separate out breeds for purebred breeding to occur, but in this instance, we thought it would be fun to put the broody hens to work on a few of our Ameraucana and Olive Egger eggs. These chicks should grow up to produce some variety of green and blue eggs that'll be slightly different than the current colors we are getting (as long as they're girls).

Project #2: we're trying to sell off our Pekins. We have 11 of them (6 females, 5 males) and we are not as fond of them as our Muscovy ducks, so we are selling them to other local farms. We sold the first pair of the 11 as we take that number down to 0.

Lastly, Becky is working on another gardening project. This time a trellis bed around our gazebo to run our runner beans and other viny plants up the gazebo posts to create a fun a tasty atmosphere around our outdoor dining table. Look forward to future updates and more growing projects this Spring!

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