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Check THESE (chicken breasts) out!


A day of death on the farm. As someone once told me, "If you have livestock, you'll have dead-stock." For us, this has been true with our cats. We lost our second cat in the last month, one of our favorite and most beautiful girls, Cheetah, who got hit by a car on our nearby road.

Then the second part of that quote - relates to butchering our chickens and ducks as part of our Spring culling. We processed 4 Cornish Cross - and they were huge at only 8 weeks old, 9 Red Rangers - our meat birds from last year that we kept over for egg production, 4 roosters - we routinely butcher unneeded roosters to keep the issues down in the flock and to keep track of our breeding program more easily, and 3 Pekin ducks - all males - as we downsize our Pekin flock.

We have 4 butchering videos from last year if you want less vlog-style and more how-to:

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