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Mowing just got a lot TOUGHER


Some days, we know what the story will be for the day, and some days it just catches us off guard. On this day, we thought we were all set when the riding lawn mower started up after a winter hibernation. And then... it stopped. 5 HOURS LATER, and a repaired carburetor, air filter, spark plug, gas mixed in with the oil, and a blade sharpening, and the mower was back to it's finely tuned condition. I couldn't have done any of that without the help of Becky's father, who is an amazing auto-mechanic... if you're around the St. Joseph, MO area, you've got to check him out!

Becky got the first seed starts into the raised bed garden - some tomatoes and peppers. And lastly, we replaced the tarp on the chicken tractor. A yearly tradition as we keep a clear tarp on the tractor in winter to allow the sun to provide warmth, and a colored tarp in the summer to provide shade.

If you haven't seen our tarpin' the tractor video from last year, watch it HERE

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