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The EYE-OPENING SEED WAREHOUSE TOUR at the Baker Creek Spring Planting Festival


Day 2 (of 2) of the Baker Creek Spring Planting Festival is action-packed with YouTubers (Farm Alarm, Off Grid with Doug & Stacy, Not A Farm Girl, ArrowRidge, Shalom Acres, and An American Homestead. But the coolest part of day 2 comes from Baker Creek and their seed warehouse. We took a tour with Farm Alarm and enjoyed a huge greenhouse of eye-popping plants and trees, an amazing warehouse containing the 2 seed packaging machines that sort over 7 MILLION seed packets a year, and the mailing warehouse where all of the packets go out to their customers. Truly a must-see experience.

We had an incredible time at the festival and encourage you to check it out next year!

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And check out the channels we met below:

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