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When we don't do homestead stuff | kansas city family vlog


It was Mother's Day this past week, and we didn't have a chance to celebrate with Jake's parents... so we took a trip to Kansas City to spend the day with the boys' Grandma and Grandpa. On our trip, we went to Fritz's Railroad Restaurant in Shawnee, KS. This restaurant is cool, not only are there toy trains going around above us, but you order your food over the phone AND your food arrives from a toy train delivery system.

After the restaurant, we went to Jake's parent's place to hang out for a bit and have the boy's make some massive bubbles. Then we went back to the coolest FREE park in Kansas City... Dagg Park, that has an awesome play area for the kid's to climb and an awesome waterpark - that was unfortunately closed until the end of May.

So while this wasn't a homestead-focused vlog, we did make some progress on the bee bait boxes and we cleaned out the turkey coop for them to have more room.

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