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This chick was TAKEN by our barncat


We got 19 chicks last week from a Heartland Hatchery chick day's event. 3 died early on, 7 of the chicks (3 turkeys, 4 chicks) went under one of our broody hens, and the other 9 went into the brooder. It's been a beautiful week outside, so we got the chicks outside for the first time into a modified small coop for them to stretch out and enjoy grass for the first time.

The scariest part of this came when Jake went to put the chicks away in the brooder for the night and one of our barn cats swooped in to grab one of the escaped chicks. This led Jake on a scary chase where he assumed the worst for the chick. Fortunately, the chick survived and seems to be doing well.

We didn't think our cats would do this, even though it's their job to catch small rodents on our farm. So, we'll be more careful in the future when letting our chicks out in the open.

Other things covered in this video... Becky moved the turkey pen with the broody hen area, even moving the meanest broody hen with the 7 chicks out into their own chicken tractor to separate them from the other broody hens and their chicks/ducklings.

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