We're FINALLY done with the bee bait boxes! Well done with a 3 of them, 3 more to finish up. But in this episode, we get one box up into a tree and mounted to start catching a swarm of bees.

For those new to what we are doing, we are following the website (www.horizontalhive.com) and the tutelage of Dr. Leo Sharashkin. Catching wild bees that are more adapted to our environment, as well as FREE, and bringing them back to a hive that we build from plans from his site.

This comes on the day after a big storm hit our farm and the cleanup that ensues. Becky also opens a package from The More You Grow, a gardening channel on YouTube, that contains some seeds that we plant into reclaimed wine cases.

Check out The More You Grow

And we were featured in a video on Big Pond Farm's channel, see that HERE

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