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Bee Bait Box Accident


We get bee bait box number five of six into place... but it doesn't go as smoothly as the others have been. This one comes to a crash when Jake falls from the stepladder.

It's time to get the turkey poults outside. They've been in the brooder for about 10 days and it's over 90° each day outside... perfect weather for them to be outside in. But to do that, we have to move a lot of chickens, turkeys, and ducks to other areas.

We check in on one of the bee bait boxes (Becky's Grandma's house) and play with a few friendly cows.

Out in the mega-garden (our big garden at Becky's parent's house) we harvest our first squash of the year! And even better, we cook it for dinner. Our motivation for doing what we do, homesteading and growing our own food is to eat healthier and know where our food comes from.

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