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The most annoying chicken sound


We have a noisy Welsummer hen... like, really noisy. A noise we have never heard from our chickens and it's crazy annoying. So we separate her out and ask for your help to figure out what to do!

We have new ducklings hatching. We received Muscovy hatching eggs from a viewer (Eric Johnson) in Texas and they are starting to hatch today. The hatch rate was pretty poor with this group (2/11) but shipping eggs can be a tough factor to overcome and some of our broody hens have been inconsistent at sitting on the eggs. But watching baby ducks hatch is such a cool event.

Becky makes some strawberry preserves in this episode... we made a how-to video on this topic last year. See it here:

And we have new merch! Check out our new line of shirts and other White House on the Hill gear HERE!

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