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First time hatching TURKEYS


We sold our Royal Palm tom and hen a couple weeks ago... but not before putting a bunch of their eggs under some broody hens to see if some would hatch. See our hatch results in today's video!

We recently got Lionhead rabbits - a buck and a doe - and our plan is to put them in a rabbit tractor out on grass. They aren't meat rabbits, so it's not standard procedure for domesticated breeds. But like all of our animals, we want them to be a part of our permaculture plan to work the grass and soil and be rotated on the ground to be productive animals and use their manure to help fertilize the garden. We start part 1 of 2 building the rabbit tractor.

Part 2 of the build is here:

We end the night with a visit from our friends at ArrowRidge. A homesteading blogging family that lives kind of near us. We went to their place in May ( so they came to visit our place this time, talk about their new happenings (exciting stuff!) and take a few of our meat turkeys home with them.

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