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Our chickens are PAINTING now


We're preparing for the Missouri State Fair Meetup event (Thurs, Aug 16) with some t-shirts that we're going to giveaway & sell some. We wanted to be creative and paint them with tie-dye... but what good is just painting shirts if you have chickens that can do it for you?

So we enlisted the help of our favorite Ameraucana, Amber, to take some paint around a few t-shirts via her feet!

Before we played with paint, we built an automatic chicken feeder. One of the fun and entertaining things we do everyday is let out the chickens. It's so effective because they are racing out of their door to get the limited amount of feed that we give them every morning. But we wanted to do an experiment and see how much feed they would eat in a week if we gave them an unlimited feed supply.

So we watched a few YouTube videos on how to build one out of a large trashcan and PVC elbows and got to work. Within an hour our chickens were given access to food all day long (besides the grass and bugs they always have access to). We'll update you on the experiment after the week.

Be sure to meet up with us at the Missouri State Fair... or stay tuned for a livestream from the fair, or the video from the event!

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