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The NEXT Great American Farm Tour


"I've got this crazy idea... what if we sell everything and go travel for a year? Take our time. We'll go see all of the things we wanted to see, all of the retirement stuff. And then, on the way, we'll use it as a means to find something. Find where we want to live."

That's what Ben Hollar said to his wife, Meg, when they finally had enough with the his overloaded work schedule, attitude problems, and seeing his boys grow up in the blink of an eye.

The Hollar Homestead (Ben, Meg & their 4 boys) sold all of their belongings, fixed up an RV & they're traveling the country to enjoy time with their family & find their forever homestead somewhere other than in California. On their journey, they stopped by our place for a few days to relax, have some fun, share stories, get to know each other better & check out Missouri as a possible landing spot.

What started out as a day where we wanted to show them Kansas City, they trumped us by sharing their heart & difficult past leading up to the trip.

Be sure to follow the Hollar's on their year-long trip across America & cheer them on as they find their forever home.

And check out these videos from our channel that we did with the Hollar's:

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