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We tested the CRAZIEST gardening tools on Amazon


At the beginning of our 2018 garden, we were searching for gardening tools and came across some pretty bizarre looking ones on Amazon. What started out as one crazy tool quickly became 10, and we were on to something...

I don't know what exactly, but these tools had to be tested. So we ordered them and they sat. All the way till now, when we were ready to plant our Fall garden. We ordered a bunch of seeds from Baker Creek and needed to get them in the ground before it was too late.

So we took the seeds, grabbed our crazy tools and got to work. While planting a row of beets, carrots, lettuce, and radishes, we put the tools to the test.

From spike-y lawn shoes to claw-like gloves, and leaf scoops to an expandable hose, we had a ton of fun trying these tools out and seeing how well they did. We have links to all of the products we tested and hope you'll find one that you'd like to try!


Lawn Aerator Shoes:

Serrated Edge Shovel:

Expandable Garden Hose:

Spray Nozzle/Sprinkler:

Dandelion Weeder:

Sidewalk Weeder:

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