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a SECOND try at peacock hatching eggs


What's going on with the second batch of peacock eggs?

That's the question we've been overwhelmed with over the past week... so it's time to gather the eggs (4 under a broody hen and 3 in the incubator) and candle them to check on their growth. And we're really happy with the results! Things are looking good for some to hatch in a couple weeks.

The incubator has been an issue, power outages, inaccurate temp and humidity, has caused us to move the 3 eggs inside there. We have 2 broody silkie hens in our bantam flock that we can use, so we've moved those eggs under the silkie hens.

We've received so many questions (and statements) analyzing the way we investigated the failed peachick eggs. We wanted to address some of those questions so you could understand why we did what we did.

We did a lot of planting in our last video, and we had some bean seeds that have been soaking and that need to be planted. Becky came up with a mini-raised bed situation to get them in the ground. We laid out some garden fabric and Jake burned some holes into the fabric to help control the weeds.

Thank you for following along with our peachick egg series and with our channel. We really appreciate it! Our channel has grown from 10,000 to nearly 20,000 subscribers in a week! Pretty amazing and overwhelming, and we couldn't thank you more for being a part of our story.

Oh, and we tried out some Henlay egg cartons, get some of these high quality cartons HERE.

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