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How this feed mill MAKES our chicken feed


Do you know where your chicken feed comes from? Where the ingredients come from? How it's made and sold?

Well, we had the opportunity to tour our favorite feed store, Valley Feed, in Bonner Springs, KS. Matt, the owner, gave us a tour and explained all of those things to us... where the ingredients came from, how it was broken down, mixed, turned into crumble or pellet form and packaged to go out into the warehouse for sale.

I knew they used quality ingredients from previous conversations with Neal, the previous owner, and part of the family legacy of Valley Feed. But I had never seen it all put together and packaged. It was a lot of fun and really fascinating.

From someone that used to buy feed from the "big guys," I'm all in on supporting the local small businesses that produce the things that we need to run and operate our homestead.

I never knew about Valley Feed until coming across Heartland Hatchery last year. Heartland Hatchery is a small father & son hatchery that travels around Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma & Arkansas to sell chicks at local farm stores directly to customers. Through them, I found Valley Feed and have been very impressed by their story.

To connect with Valley Feed, please visit their Facebook page.

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