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When all your friends are turkeys


Recently, many people have asked what our life is like or if we are living the dream?

3 years ago, we were still living in our house in Kansas City, I was working multiple jobs, Becky was often lonely at home raising 2 young boys, and we had little hope of things changing.

Then after 9 years of trying to sell our house, we finally sold it! We were free to move where we wanted, do what we wanted, and finally start a new path.

Now 3 years later, job changes, growing boys, a new YouTube adventure, and lots of chickens, ducks, and turkeys... and we're in it. Every day we get to live the life we wanted to. But is it everything we thought it would be? Of course! It's definitely hard work, things definitely go wrong, but every day is literally a movie! Now it may just be a 10 minute YouTube movie that can easily be forgotten, but it's still a movie.

So please enjoy the sounds of our farm, the struggles, the successes, and some family time working with the animals and in the garden.

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