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5 PEACOCK eggs didn’t hatch. Let’s Investigate.


It's now 40 days since we put the peachick eggs (round 2) under the broody Australorp hen & in the incubator (later to be moved under 2 Silkie hens). So it's time to do what we did with round 1, and open the eggs up to investigate what growth occurred.

Luckily for us, we got 2 peachick eggs out of the whole ordeal... & we're ecstatic about that!

Before we dug into those, we checked in on the baby chicks that we picked up from McMurray Hatchery. Our 30 Cornish Cross, 2 Polish, 2 Crevecoeurs & 2 Bielefelders have all made it home & several nights in the brooder. But this time, we did it a little differently.

We've never raised our meat birds without a heat lamp or heat plate & we just happened to have 2 Silkies that had been sitting on the unhatched peachick eggs. So we moved the broody Silkies into the brooder at night & slipped the 36 chicks underneath them. They were a little startled by the massive amount of chicks, but they quickly protected them & kept them warm overnight.

Lastly, we are working on our food preservation for winter. Becky takes you on a tour of our cellar & all of the food she has canned so far.

We announced our trip to the Homesteaders of America Conference, if you want to meet us there, get your tickets HERE.

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