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Time to quit BABYING our chickens | NewAir G73 Electric Garage Heater Review


We were sponsored by NewAir to test & review their NewAir G73 Electric Garage Heater. Instead of putting in our chicken coop - we put it in our storage shed where we can house chicks and our rabbits over winter to keep them safe and warm.

The G73 heater has done really well so far. It's up and out of the way, so our kids won't mess with it. It's hardwired on a switch, so we can turn it off when needed. And it's pretty cool because it has a built-in off switch that you can set to a low or high temp so it automatically shuts off when it gets warm enough.

Then we discussed heat for our chickens, ducks & turkeys - and why we removed the heater from the coop. We only kept it in there to keep the eggs from freezing, but we found that our birds were staying in the coop because they were so comfortable and they wouldn't go outside and get sunlight during the day - a necessity if we're going to get eggs over winter.

As for our Lionhead rabbits, we asked for your advice. This is our first winter with the rabbits and we're not sure if they'll survive the winter outside. We're weighing the options of where to put them this cold season.

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