“CHICK” OR TREAT: Halloween on the farm


Now that our boys are 5 and 3, we're in full swing for Halloween each year. And this time around Eli wanted to be a pirate and Uriah was Elmo. But what about our animals?

We had the fun idea to dress up a few of our cute, friendly animals to take Trick or Treating with us to surprise the neighbors.

First up was Jack, our gray barn cat... we dressed him up as Batman.

Next up was Pickles, our Lionhead buck, that we dressed up as Superman.

And lastly was Amber, our Ameraucana hen... our little cowgirl.

The night was fun... short of our cat running up into a tree at our first stop. We eventually got him down safely, but our chicken and rabbit were a big hit!

We hope you had a great Halloween!

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