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We’re going to grow 1000’s of WHAT?!?


For awhile we've been thinking about other sources of food for our chickens - to help offset costs and lessen the amount of feed we have to give them.

One of those options was raising and breeding mealworms.

After watching a few videos on how to do it, we got the supplies and built two containers to house 250 (initially) mealworms in each. From here, we need them to eat and grow, then produce beetles that will turn around and produce mealworms.

From there, we can try to grow enough to give our birds a snack, and then eventually full meals for them.

We partnered with Jord wood watches to give away one watch ($180 credit, free sizing, free shipping) and a discount of $25 for anyone that uses the code "whitehouseonthehill."

We got our 2019 Baker Creek Whole Seed Warehouse in the mail, order yours HERE.

And we cooked up bone broth in this one - be sure to get your meat from FarmFoods HERE and use the code WHITEHOUSE10 for 10% off your order.

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