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It’s a blizzard. Where will the peachicks go?


We had a big blizzard coming through town and we had some birds that were going to be in harm's way.

Our Silkie chicks and our two Peachicks are in an outside chicken run... and they are protected from most weather, but not a blizzard. As the snow creeped closer and closer to them, we had to move them to safety in two separate areas.

But there are upsides to a blizzard - the playtime in the snow afterwards. Our boys loved the snow and we had a great time playing in it.

And what do you do after playing in the snow? Well, drink hot chocolate, of course! Problem is we were all out of hot chocolate. So Becky had to mix some cocoa and other ingredients to make the mixture. And it was truly delicious - be sure to give it a shot!

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