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Today, we stare our food in the face


Two years ago, we made the decision to learn how to raise and process our own chickens to feed our family.

Now we're on the verge of December with 12 Cornish Cross at full size and needing to be processed to fill our freezer for the Winter. We've never raised meat chickens this late in the year... and they did a wonderful job. They didn't grow as fast as we would have liked - because they were conserving energy that would normally go towards growth to keep themselves warm. But now at 2 months old, they're at a great size to provide a full meal and then some per bird.

In this video, we talked about why we do it, how we get our kids involved and thoughts on how to be successful in whatever you're looking to accomplish - especially in the areas of homesteading and YouTube.

Eli has been taking an interest in filming, he actually films our morning breakfast in this one!

Three important links to check out from this video...

We got the meat chickens from McMurray Hatchery, get your chicks from them HERE

Becky makes some pot roast from FarmFoods... use our link HERE and use the code: WHITEHOUSE10 at checkout for 10% off your grass-fed beef!

We now have HATS available! Get them (for a limited time) HERE

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