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this chicken needs a pedicure (to stop her limp)

I was spending some time observing the flock and noticed this chicken with a limp. Our Blue-laced red Wyandotte had an open wound on the bottom of her foot and it needed to be taken care of.

This was a case of bumblefoot, a bacterial infection that chickens get, causing swelling and an infection, ultimately taking over the foot if not dealt with. We've had two previous chickens die to the disease when it took over their entire foot. By cutting out the infection, we can clean up the foot and get this chicken back to normal within a few days.

We've narrowed our peacock and peahen names down to 4 different pairs of names, we have the voting open on our YouTube Community page:

· Adam & Eve

· Blue & Bell

· Bonnie & Clyde

· Romeo & Juliet

Becky needed some baby shower gifts for some of our friends and family... so she's making some diaper changing clutches. We're working on a PDF to reference to make your own, stay tuned for that.

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