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this TOOL will help me lift 400 lbs of chicken feed


We were sent the Nifty Lift Deluxe... a block and tackle set that can lift up to 700 lbs, so we needed a way to test it out.

Our chicken feed takes up a lot of room. We have 3 different plastic containers carrying 9-50 lb bags of feed in our well house. If we can double that storage, we could go nearly two months before needing to go on a feed run!

So we loaded up a pallet with 8 bags of feed - or 400 lbs of chicken feed to lift it high up in our shed for storage. Only problem was my supports (beams) and engineering skills weren't the greatest and our feed spilled over.

The cool thing is - I think this tool (the Nifty Lift) will be a great asset when we move to another farm and we have a two-story barn to fill up. We just don't have anything very tall to work with at this farm. Be sure to support this American-made product by Albert Peel, go HERE.

We got a new incubator! That's right, we upgraded from our tabletop Rite Farm 3600 incubator to a Brinsea Ova Easy 100 cabinet incubator! This thing can hold up to 96 chicken eggs, and has adjustable dividers that can accommodate any egg, big or small... look for our new hatching videos coming soon!

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