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Was it her fault?


We lost one of our Ayam Cemani chicks in a weird way. He or she was stuck underneath a mama Silkie and we're trying to figure out exactly what happened.

Before we discovered the dead chick, we hung out with Lorella with Not A Farm Girl. She came by for the morning to help with chores and shoot some video with us. Be sure to check out the video she shot at our place.

We moved the chicks from the brooder into the chicken tractor, to avoid the smothering issue from happening again. Now they have lots more room and they can eat a little bit of grass here in the cold of winter.

We partnered with Mother Bee Maternity, for Becky to try on some maternity clothing and do a fashion show with the new outfits.

If you are interested in maternity clothing, you can get 20% off from Mother Bee Maternity by going to and use the discount code: XOBECKY.

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