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It cost HOW MUCH to ship these birds from California?


We asked our viewer's for some recommendations on birds to hatch out this year, and the most suggested was the Red Golden Pheasant. A gorgeous bird where the male has numerous bright colors displayed. The only problem is these birds are somewhat rare and we weren't sure if we could track down eggs from them to hatch.

Luckily, a number of hatcheries sell them as juvenile pairs - meaning we could get a male/female adolescent pair of birds to produce fertile eggs for us to hatch out.

We ordered a pair of Red Golden Pheasants from McMurray Hatchery - the funny thing was telling Becky how the shipping cost was for these birds!

We prepared one of our unused chicken tractors, got it tarped up for winter, got a permit for the pheasants (required in our state) and went to pick up the pheasants from the post office.

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