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The automatic chicken waterer for the UNHANDY


A couple months ago... Farmer Brad - his name is really Brad, and he's a farmer - anyways, he contacted us to test out his waterer. That's right, he's not only a farmer, a YouTuber, a business owner, but also an entrepreneur who has put his own spin on the niche market of chicken waterers. It sounded interesting. An automatic chicken waterer that takes a hose and THAT'S IT! Good to go!

Well, we had a couple roadblocks between us and getting this waterer in action. First, we had to build a wooden structure to hang this waterer from. Then run our only hose over to the waterer, and BAM! Still didn't go quite as expected. We had a leak. After troubleshooting the issue. We got the leak down to a slow drip, and with some plumber's tape or another washer, we should be able to eliminate that issue.

Thank you to Farmer Brad for providing the waterer for us to try out, and extra one that we are giving away to a random viewer, and for providing some video footage explaining his process of developing the waterer!

Check out Farmer Brad's website:

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